Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Lidl Parity Press Dry Creek Valley Red Blend 2014

Most of the wines at Lidl are produced just for Lidl.  If you closely examine the bottles, you will notice that they are grouped into three collections:
     1.  Everyday Collection.  These are popular varietals from around the world offered at value prices.  The wines are usually from broadly defined wine regions.  e.g. California or Washington.
     2.  Wine Club Collection.  These are quality wines from more specific regions.  e.g. Sonoma County or Columbia Valley.
     3.  Sommelier Selection.  These are wines judged by Lidl as exceptional.  These will most often be from very specific grape regions.  e.g. Napa Valley or Russian River Valley.

Parity Press Dry Creek Valley Red Blend (as well as the previously reviewed Sonoma Coast Chardonnay) is one of the Sommelier Selection wines.  It sells for $8.99 and has 13.5% alcohol.

We do not know anything about the blend of grapes in this wine nor do we know anything about the fermentation process utilized.  The labels on the bottles and the Lidl website do not provide much useful information although the short tasting note on each bottle probably helps some buyers.

The Dry Creek Valley in northern Sonoma County is best known for growing quality Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon.  Certainly, there is Zinfandel in this blend and probably some amount of Cabernet Sauvignon.  The wine is dark colored and I taste black berry, black cherry and minor licorice.  The tannins are medium and the finish is long.  We enjoyed this flavorful wine and it is a terrific value for $8.99. 

SC Wine Joe rating = 89 points