Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Le Bruniche Chardonnay di Toscana 2015

I often write about the variety of styles of Chardonnay and how our individual preferences influence our opinion of the wine.  It is certainly good that we have choices.  I do not assign a numerical rating to white wines but I hope that my description of the wines is more useful than a number.  

My local Costco just started carrying a few new Chardonnays including Le Bruniche Chardonnay di Toscana,  This wine from Italy is totally unoaked, so it is tart, acidic and dry with flavors of lemon,  peach and a little minerality.  This wine is too tart for me but if you are a fan of French Chablis, this is a viable, less expensive alternative.  The wine has 12.5% alcohol and sells for $11.99 at Costco.