Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Honey Moon Viognier California 2013

Trader Joe's sells a line of low priced California wines from Trader Moon Wine Company.  They all have a crescent moon on the label and I have found the white wines to be tasty values.  I recently tried the Honey Moon Viognier which is priced at $5.99.

Viognier is a green aromatic grape from the Rhone area in France.  Today, it is grown in many regions including California.  It has been named the state grape of Virginia and it does especially well in the Monticello region around Charlottesville.

Honey Moon Viognier begins with a floral aroma followed by tastes of honey and mango.  While the wine is a little sweet, it is not as sweet as you might expect from its aroma.  The wine actually finishes with a little tartness.  This is a very enjoyable summer wine and you cannot beat the price.  It would pair very well with spicy Thai food or you can just drink it without food.