Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Do not buy this wine

Back in October, I found "Trim 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon" at my Costco.  The sign indicated that this wine was highly rated in the previous vintage but not rated for 2011.  It was only $9.99 and looked like a great deal for a California Cab.  I thought I should buy 2 bottles before they were all sold.  I came home and opened the first bottle.  I thought that it was worse than 2 buck chuck!  I poured a glass for Cindy and without prompting she thought it was bland and tasted watered down.  I let a month go by.  I have found that sometimes I think a wine is not good, but when I open another bottle I wonder why I did not like it before.  Tonight, I opened the other bottle and it was as bad or worse than the first bottle.  Maybe we can throw it into pasta sauce or something.  Last week, I noticed that there were still more bottles at Costco.  Somehow, everyone else knew something I did not figure out!  At least, if you read this, you will not be fooled!!