Friday, March 14, 2014

2011 Santa Julia Cabernet Sauvignon All Time Best Buy

Last year at this time, Costco sold the 2011 Santa Julia Cabernet Sauvignon for $6.59.  It earned praise as a great value at that price, even called "one of the best bargains" ever found at Costco.
Well, today at our local Costco(Greenville, SC), I found this same wine, even the same vintage(2011) for $3.97.  Yes, $3.97!  If you liked it last year for $6.59, you have to love it for under $4.  I have been blogging about the great values from Argentina due to that country's economic problems and currency devaluation, but this is the best yet.

This is a wine with dark berry flavors, but softer, smooth tannins.  It may be simple, but it is very good.  It has an A.C. of 13.5% and the grapes are said to be grown in a sustainable manner.   If it is available to you at this price, you should stock up.

SC Wine Joe rating = 88